Green Power Labs mitigates operational risk and improves control of by delivering the real time data needed to support real time decisions. This brings immediate operational savings, reduces barriers for solar power integration and supports transition to new business models related to distributed PV generation.

Solar Yield Forecasting
SolarSatData™ for Utilities: Forecasting Utility-Scale and Distributed Generation

Our solar power forecasting technology and software-as-a-service delivers energy generation forecasts for utility-scale, distributed and aggregate generation eliminating barriers for solar power integration, improving control of the distribution grid and enhancing utility market operations. Our integrated predictive power platform delivers forecasts to support all standard and custom forecast horizons.
The technology platform developed by our multi-disciplinary research and technical team includes specialized modules to reflect client site specific concerns such as the coastal marine layer and other weather phenomena that impact the available solar resource and allow for improved forecast accuracy for operational processes.