Development of large utility or commercial scale solar power projects requires comprehensive solar resource maps as a critical part of project site selection. Our assessments include high resolution global horizontal, diffuse and direct normal irradiance data for global applications.

Reduce Risk: Gain strategic insight.

Every decision made in siting and designing a large solar power plant impacts the risks the developer must withstand today and into the future. Proper management of these risks allows for reduced cost of debt and improves project ROI.

With its proprietary satellite-based toolset for high resolution solar resource mapping and advanced metering equipment for ground-based monitoring of solar resource, Green Power Labs offers solar project developers and power producers a complete suite of solar resource mapping and assessment services to reduce technical risks and increase the certainty of financial outcomes of solar technology deployment.

Our highly accurate solar resource maps are combined in GIS-based decision support systems with site specific information (land use, grid proximity, terrain and road access, etc.) to locate and rate candidate project sites and determine solar power generation potential.