SEPA adds Green Power Labs’ SolarRating Online to its Web Resources

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The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) added Green Power Labs’ free SolarRating Online service to its resources library. SolarRating Online uses information collected from over 1000 weather stations worldwide to assess a home’s suitability for solar technologies: photovoltaic (PV) to generate electricity and solar thermal for heating domestic hot water.

“We have been a member of SEPA for some time. And we are very pleased this international organization saw value in our free service to support rooftop solar deployment,” said Marlene Moore, VP Marketing of Green Power Labs Inc. “We are not a vendor of residential solar packages nor a manufacturer of panels but we are experts in quantifying at high levels of accuracy the solar resource at a specific site”, Moore added. “While SolarRating Online was developed using publicly available data, Green Power Labs’ proprietary predictive analytics platform delivers solar irradiance data at significantly higher temporal and spatial resolution than that available from these sources. This data enables solar power developers to build a strong and accurate business case to support deployment of large commercial and utility scale solar projects.”

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