Green Power Labs Joins QUEST

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Every four minutes a solar energy system is installed in North America. “If we are to maximize the energy generation of existing systems and optimise future solar systems, we must build smart energy communities” said Marlene Moore, VP Marketing at Green Power Labs Inc.

“We have completed a number of projects that enable urban planners and architects to positon buildings, homes, streets and green spaces to maximize the solar energy potential of future communities.” Moore added “our team’s capacity in high resolution solar assessment can increase the energy potential for use of passive and active solar technologies significantly. We are pleased to be part of the QUEST initiative and are looking forward to working together to build Canada’s Smart Energy Communities.”

Green Power Labs is a leading predictive analytics company and an internationally recognized solar forecast expert. Using predictive analytics to forecast the sun’s immense capacity as a power generation resource and its passive heat impact on our living spaces is the niche in which the company has developed a world class reputation.

QUEST (Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow) is a non-profit organization that conducts research, engagement and advocacy to advance Smart Energy Communities in Canada. Smart Energy Communities improve energy efficiency, enhance reliability, cut costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.