Green Power Labs Speaking to IEA Task Force on Solar Resource Assessment

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Being held in Almeria, Spain, the 6th Task Expert Meeting of the International Energy Agency will focus on Improvements to existing solar radiation retrieval methods and long term analysis and forecasting of solar resource trends and variability.   Green Power Labs is proud to be the only Canadian company in Canada’s delegation to the global IEA SHC Task 46 on Solar Resource Assessment and Forecasting.

“We have been involved in the IEA Task Force since its inception”, said Marlene Moore, VP Marketing at Green Power Labs Inc.   Our participation in this IEA Task Force and a second taskforce on solar power forecasting is an excellent investment in deepening our understanding of global best practices in solar power deployment, “Moore added. “Involvement in discussions with world class researchers supports our team’s commitment to best practise in the design, development and delivery of our company’s predictive analytics and control solutions to support a secure, resilient and green energy future.”

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