Caldwell Joins Green Power Labs Team Leading Smart Energy Management in Buildings

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By 2020, 60% of the world’s population will live and work in high rise buildings. As a result, energy use in our cities will increase exponentially. “At Green Power Labs we see intelligent prediction and control of weather’s impact on buildings can reduce energy costs by 10-25%” said Marlene Moore, VP Marketing at Green Power Labs.

“We are pleased to welcome Aaron Caldwell, PEng as Vice President, Building Energy Management to lead our team’s work in this extension of our current expertise in weather and solar forecasting for the grid to the related field of weather focused energy management for buildings” Moore added.   “Aaron brings to the team his advanced mechanical engineering expertise, extensive knowledge of building energy-efficiency solutions for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings, and passion for sustainable building design and performance. “

Green Power Labs is a leading predictive analytics company and an internationally recognized solar forecast expert. Using predictive analytics to forecast the sun’s immense capacity as a power generation resource and its passive heat impact on our living spaces is the niche in which the company has developed a world class reputation.