Green Power Labs Presents at Nova Scotia Power Customer Symposium

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Earlier this month energy and community leaders in Nova Scotia were invited to Nova Scotia Power’s Customer Symposium on Nova Scotia’s energy future. Green Power Labs CEO, Dr. Alexandre Pavlovski, was invited to be a panelist on the Future of Electricity in Nova Scotia speaking to the current state of solar power in Nova Scotia and the world.

“An analysis, completed by the University of Cambridge and PwC, finds solar photovoltaic power is expected to reach grid parity in 80% of countries in the next two years” said Dr. Pavlovski. “Grid parity is the crossover point at which a grid energy and solar energy have equal cost.” Pavlovski added a new study by Wood Mackenzie says the solar boom is coming faster than many think. “As a result, we need to prepare, to develop and deploy new technologies that reflect the coming changes to how we manage the generation and distribution of electricity.”

There is also significant opportunity in this evolving market for innovative Nova Scotia companies. The photovoltaics (solar electricity) market is expected to grow from $89.52 billion in 2013 to $345.59 billion by 2020. Pavlovski commented “Green Power Labs is pleased to be working in this grid edge market. Our multi-disciplinary team together with internationally recognized researchers at our Nova Scotia universities are developing and testing predictive solutions that will support both the Nova Scotia and global change to a new energy future. ”

Green Power Labs is a leading predictive analytics company and an internationally recognized solar forecast expert. Using predictive analytics and controls we enable efficient use of the sun’s immense capacity as a power generation resource for utilities and communities.

Nova Scotia Power makes and delivers electricity. The Company provides 95 per cent of the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in Nova Scotia, and serves 500,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers across the province using a fuel mix including hydro, tidal, wind, coal, oil, biomass and natural gas to generate electricity.

GPL Presentation at the NSPI Customer Symposium 2015 2015-03-07 (pdf, 2.5 mb)