Green Power Labs’ toolsets provide a comprehensive decision support for long-term solar energy generation programs and projects. We enable our clients to make best informed solar assets planning decisions resulting in lower costs of energy and immediate operational savings. We deliver:

SMART solar SMART buildings SMART grid SMART cities
Solar Resource Mapping Solar resource maps for candidate project areas Ultra-high resolution solar resource maps on building roofs and walls Solar resource maps for utility service territories Ultra-high resolution urban solar resource maps
Solar Generation Potential Assessment Bankable solar resource data for solar projects Decision support for solar energy systems selection and deployment in building Decision support for utility-scale solar power generation planning Decision support for municipal solar energy generation (for various solar technology applications, power supply, water heating, space heating)
Solar Asset Rating Rating potential solar power projects for optimal candidate site selection SolarRating™ Online for residential and commercial solar energy applications Rating potential solar power projects for utilities' integrated resource planning SolarStar™ Rating of municipal infrastructure, residential and commercial properties
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