Smart Buildings

Even as the digital world evolves, we actually live, work, and play in buildings. In commercial buildings especially, the well-being and comfort of occupants is  key to productivity and tenant satisfaction. Delivering an optimal indoor environment with minimal energy consumption is fundamental to a best-value business model for building owners and managers.


Smart Buildings


A Smart Idea for Smarter Buildings

Green Power Labs has spent a decade at the forefront of research in solar forecasting, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and site-specific meteorology. The result is EntroPBC™, a break-through climate control technology that meets the challenge of Predictive Building Control (PBC) quickly, simply, and without any up-front investment.

Whether you’re managing a single building or a global real estate portfolio, EntroPBC™ works with your existing building management systems to reduce total energy costs by up to 40%. No changes to your systems or hardware are required. Building tenants remain comfortable and productive while building system performance is optimized. EntroPBC™ will directly and immediately reduce your operating costs and carbon footprint.

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