Smart Buildings: Plan, Deploy, Operate

Green Power Labs’ technologies and expertise enable optimal selection and application of building energy systems to reduce a building’s energy footprint and operating costs.

Smart Buildings

Power forecasting

Solar Resource Mapping

Finding the Energy on Roofs and Walls

Imagine a virtual robot crawling over each square centimeter of your buildings’ roofs and walls. No need for alarm, it is our proprietary SolarSatData™ tool assessing the suitability of your building for solar energy generation. We gather detailed site-specific information and comprehensive solar climatology data, consider geographical factors (latitude and altitude), positioning and architecture. Our virtual camera is determining existing obstructions to solar radiation (both natural and man-made obstructions). This site specific analysis and our comprehensive knowledge of best practices in solar technology and engineering support a client’s decision on whether to – how to – and when to use clean energy technologies.

Solar Asset Rating

Determining What To Do When

For clients with multiple buildings, our simple but effective rating system can be used to create a priority listing for installation of solar technology. And as the cost and efficiency of solar technologies improve, updating assessment reports is simple; an important consideration in supporting long term energy planning.


Getting it Right the First Time

At Green Power Labs we focus on bridging the gap between solar technologies and their efficient deployment by providing impartial, thorough analysis of a site’s suitability for use of solar thermal or electrical generation technologies.
A core member of an integrated design team, the energy engineer sees energy systems as an integral and a critical part of any building design. Our deep understanding of energy issues and advanced modelling skills help identify opportunities for energy efficiency and conservation. Our specific expertise in on-site energy generation allows for an integrated approach to building energy supply and management.
With a comprehensive knowledge of solar applications, and many years of engineering expertise, Green Power Labs is uniquely positioned to represent the interests of our clients in addressing the practical problem of securing long term affordable, reliable. and secure energy supply.


Maximizing Performance over time

We realize continued growth in solar deployment requires that each solar installation delivers on expected energy generation, ROI and GHG reductions. In addition to careful site selection, competent engineering, and system installation, ongoing monitoring of the solar resource and energy output is required to minimize operational losses and maximize ROI.

Quality Assurance

Focus on Risk and Quality Management

As technology solutions for solar power generation continue to dynamically change, our expertise in risk and quality management assures our clients of a successful deployment of solar power projects. We evaluate risks related to equipment performance and contractor competency, and establish installation standards. We develop and/or review a project quality management system; system design reviews; contractor evaluations; cost control reviews and performance monitoring reviews.

Energy efficient buildings
Predicitve energy optimization

Solar Yield Forecasting

Based on its advanced SolarSatData™ for Buildings technology platform, Green Power Labs offers a global software-as-a-service application delivering real-time site-specific building ambient condition forecasts for integration into predictive building control systems. Scaled to each building, SolarSatData™ for Buildings predictive analytics toolset reduces building energy costs and allows for full utilization of on-site energy generation. As a result, owners are empowered in their transition towards net-positive building energy performance.

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