Smart Buildings: Plan, Deploy, Operate

Smart Buildings
Power forecasting Commercial and residential buildings consume about one-third of the world’s total energy, and HVAC is the single largest cost driver


Predictive energy management improves the energy efficiency of buildings by anticipating and reacting to changing weather and solar irradiance conditions in real time. Because weather and the consequent heating/cooling loads can vary significantly throughout the day, the impact of intelligent prediction is significant.

Our Predictive Building Control platform, EntroPBC™, typically reduces HVAC energy costs an average of 10% to 25% while improving tenant thermal comfort and shrinking the building’s carbon footprint. Some customers report achieving savings as high as 40%!

The only prerequisites for implementing EntroPBC™ are a digital building automation system and metered electrical and thermal energy consumption for the building.

Low Risk Approach

  • Zero upfront costs
  • Zero hardware purchases required
  • Service fees are a share of savings actually delivered

Unique Features

  • Operational weather and solar irradiation forecasting at building site and building walls, in real time
  • Solar irradiation forecasts for building roof and walls, all obstructions to sunlight considered, on clear-sky and cloudy days
  • Artificial intelligence-based energy models forecast building energy use in real time
  • EntroPBC™ actually develops multiple building energy use scenarios based on real time conditions, and selects the option maximizing thermal comfort and minimizing energy use
  • Continuous learning will sharpen EntroPBC™ control of your buildings’ response to weather conditions
Energy efficient buildings


Predicitve energy optimization  


Step 1: Forecast weather at building site and building surfaces (walls, roof) in real time. We utilize in-house numerical weather prediction models and access to weather observation networks.


Step 2: Model building energy use in forecast weather and occupancy conditions in real time. EntroPBC™ utilizes an artificial intelligence-based building energy model reflecting the relationship between building operating conditions (such as ambient weather and occupancy) and building energy “response” of the building to these conditions.


Step 3: Produce set points to optimize building energy performance. The optimization process is focused on maintaining thermal comfort in all individual thermal zones of a building while minimizing the overall energy use and costs.

Download more details on EntroPBC here

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