A smart building achieves significant energy savings in two ways; by taking advantage of improved energy efficiency of electrical and HVAC systems and by developing on site renewable energy generation capacity.

Gain Strategic Insights. Drive Efficiency. Reduce Energy Footprint.

Buildings are complex in their energy patterns. A sunny day can mean lower heating costs or higher air conditioning costs or both. Energy use patterns can vary immensely with local microclimates as well as with the number of occupants and the nature of their activity.

As buildings consume over 40 percent of the world's energy, effective energy management of a building requires intimate knowledge of the building, its surrounding natural and built environment, and how this environment evolves on an hourly and daily basis. This allows building operators to actively and effectively manage the balance between tenant comfort and operating cost.

Green Power Labs addresses these complexities of energy use and costs for our clients. Whether the requirement is an accurate forecast of energy generating potential or an hour-by-hour analysis of cost-saving opportunities for predictive building control, our clients can be assured their buildings meet best practices in energy use and generation.