Fifty one percent of the global population lives in cities and this share is growing. This unprecedented scale of urbanization creates many challenges, one of which relates to the efficient supply of electricity. Part of the solution lies in a massive distributed solar power generation deployment - helping transform vast urban areas into "Smart Energy Cities" with onsite generation to secure a clean and affordable energy supply.

Getting it Right the First time.

At Green Power Labs we focus on bridging the gap between solar technologies and their efficient deployment. As core members of integrated community energy planning teams, our energy engineers provide deep understanding of energy issues and specific expertise in on-site energy generation. This allows for an integrated approach to community wide energy generation. With our comprehensive, independent knowledge of solar applications and engineering expertise, Green Power Labs is uniquely positioned to address the practical problem of securing long term affordable, reliable and secure energy supply for a community.

Commissioning of Clean Energy Systems
Setting Standard for Performance.

Based on our deep knowledge of the available solar resource and solar energy technology, we provide a baseline for the performance of community-wide solar generation assets to allow future performance comparisons.

Maximizing Performance over time.

We realize continued growth in solar deployment requires that municipal solar assets deliver on expected energy generation, ROI and GHG reductions. In addition to careful site selection, competent engineering and system installation, ongoing monitoring of the solar resource and energy output is required to minimize operational losses, maximize ROI, and communicate the results achieved to the general public. To support best practices in sustainable energy applications and position our client communities as leaders in renewable energy deployment, we provide a visual interface that allows citizens to see the resulting reduction in GHG/carbon emissions as a result of solar deployment in their communities.

Quality Assurance
Focus on Risk and Quality Management.

As technology solutions for solar power generation continue to dynamically change, our expertise in risk and quality management assures our clients of a successful deployment of solar power projects. We evaluate risks related to equipment performance, contractor competency, and establish installation standards. We develop and/or review project quality management system; system design reviews; contractor evaluations; cost control reviews and performance monitoring reviews.