Solar Assets Planning

Solar assets planning based on comprehensive decision support offered by Green Power Labs reduces the levelized cost of energy generated by solar power plants, allows for reduced cost of project financing solutions and improves the ROI for solar projects.

Solar Resource Mapping
Locating the Most Profitable Site

We maintain and update every half hour a global data set of horizontal, diffuse and direct normal irradiance. Developed using in-house, proprietary satellite data processing technologies, our datasets have supported successful development of solar projects in Canada, United States, Australia and Middle East. Developed in interactive GIS format, our comprehensive decision support systems incorporate all relevant data layers such as topography and shading, electricity grid proximity, roads and waterways, soil type, environmental issues such as migratory paths or protected areas. This allows for easy comparison of potential sites and gives the right detail needed for sound business planning.

Solar Asset Rating
Making the Right Choice at the Right Time

Investors considering multiple solar sites need an effective, independent system for rating and prioritizing investment in their solar assets. Our rating system presented in an interactive GIS-based decision support format gives investors a simple, but customized map of potential solar investments rated by expected ROI. This allows clients (and their financiers) to develop a long term plan for deploying solar energy projects.