Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project Description

 Solar Suitability Assessment of Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Our study addressed the energy sustainability objectives of this mega-project: We recommended the strategy for integrating solar energy generation cost-effectively throughout the project, and provided options for implementing solar technologies in utility-scale power generation and hot water supply.

Our project delivered a comprehensive map and data set of the solar resource for the region. The solar resource and effects of landscape and shading from buildings was defined (illustrated). The study identified and evaluated technologies for utility-scale solar energy harvesting and use of parking areas, including photovoltaic and concentrated solar electrical generation and/or heat for chilling systems. The opportunities for building-integrated PV electrical generation and solar water heating were identified for the various types of building proposed for the site, for consideration as the project areas moved from concept to preliminary design.