NSLC Distribution Centre Assessment, NS, Canada

Project Description

Solar Air Heating Assessment of an Existing Commercial Facility NSLC Distribution Centre

Commercial operations facilities, including heated warehouses and distribution facilities use energy in significant quantities for space heating, electrical services and cooling. Frequently, a major challenge in heating high-bay buildings is to provide comfortable temperatures at the shop floor without stratifying the air in the building and losing heat excessively at the roof. The objectives of this study were to define the opportunity for solar air heating, and to compare wall-mounted and roof-mounted solar air heating technologies.

Green Power Labs assessed the site conditions, energy requirements and operations of a high-bay storage facility, and identified potential wall-mounted and roof-mounted collectors’ configurations for connection to the existing roof-top HVAC units. Energy modeling verified the existing heat balance, insulation and energy losses, and the relative value of the solar air heating systems. Evaluation of roof and wall mounted systems concluded both were financially and environmentally viable.