Solar Power Forecasting, California

Project Description

Solar Power Forecasting, California – utility, utility scale, distributed generation and aggregate generation.

Operational solar power generation and solar resource prediction data in CSV file format and web based interface for use in Real Time Operations and Day Ahead Generation Commitments. Standard solar prediction data is provided up to 5 days ahead at one hour granularity, updated every 6 hours; Day Ahead can be extended to seven days upon request. Hour ahead and intra hour solar power and generation prediction is provided up to 2 hours ahead at five minute granularity updated every 30 minutes.

Utility; distributed generation: Provide PV power forecasting of the selected cluster of facilities with distributed generation. The generation forecasts integrated with client’s existing load forecasts provided to develop an improved Net-Load forecast for the selected cluster of facilities.

Distributed generation: GHI forecast for network of LiCor pyranometers, spaced along an approximate 5km grid covering an area of nearly 2,000 square kilometers; DNI and GHI forecast for 8 locations; solar output forecasts for 7 utility scale PV power plants ranging in size from 3 to 30 MW. Forecasts provided at 24, 36 hours ahead, and as far as 5 days ahead of the day of interest with an hourly resolution. Hour-ahead forecasts provided 2 hours prior to the hour of interest. All forecasts include expected average, P80 uncertainty values, and 5 minute average for both day-ahead and hour-ahead forecasts.