South Shore District Health Authority Hospitals, NS, Canada

Project Description

Solar Suitability Assessment of South Shore District Health Authority Hospitals (SSDHA), NS, Canada

South Shore District Health Authority has been successfully using solar water heating technology for domestic hot water energy needs for over 20 years. The 40-collector system at the Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital in Lunenburg (illustrated) has proved the value of solar water heating for health care facilities in Nova Scotia. Recent developments in solar energy technologies and the increasing price of fuel substantiated the SSDHA’s interest in the next phase of solar technology deployment. Our solar energy resource and suitability study of two facilities – South Shore Regional Hospital in Bridgewater and Queens General Hospital in Liverpool – was an integral part of Health District’s energy efficiency upgrade planning.

We identified the potential locations of solar collectors, energy transfer and storage equipment and piping of both facilities, and reviewed the energy requirements. The information was used to determine the generating potential, size and configuration of the solar energy systems, and the energy saving, financial profiles and environmental benefits.