Bright Business Invites Pavlovski to Speak on Connected Technologies in Smart Cities

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L to R  Myles Cornish, Bridgewater, Greg Goubko, Bridgewater, Alexandre Pavlovski, Green Power Labs, Soren Hermansen, Samsø, Denmark


Planning tomorrow’s cities which now consume two thirds of the world’s energy and create 70% of our CO2 emissions demands intelligent energy efficiency. “By 2050 there will be 6 billion city dwellers driving energy demand by 27% to 61% by 2050,” commented Alexandre Pavlovski, President and CEO of Green Power Labs Inc. He added “with an expected 10 billon connected objects in smart cities by 2020, the opportunity to deliver intelligent energy efficiency is significant.” While Pavlovski applauds recent significant advancements in energy efficient technologies, he argues intelligent efficiency must operate at the system level to optimize the operations of residential and commercial equipment, leading to significant energy savings through the deployment of network-connected ICT to facilitate efficient use of energy. “We were honored to share this important discussion with Søren Hermansen, Director of the Energy Academy on Samsø, recently named one of the world’s 10 largest environmental heroes by TIME magazine, and Greg Goubko of the Town of Bridgewater. The town was recently chosen from over 200 Canadian communities in Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge to support the objective to reduce energy poverty, using intelligent energy managementas a smart city approach for resident empowerment.” Pavlovski concluded “connected technologies – intelligently deployed – are critical to achieve significant reductions in expected energy demand. At Green Power Labs we believe in a smart energy future and are committed to build it in a low-carbon digital world. It is within reach.”

Green Power Labs Inc. has extensive experience in weather-to-energy predictive analytics and supervisory controls. We are an internationally recognized solar expert and a leading technology development company piloting predictive energy management solutions for buildings, communities and microgrids.

Alexandre Pavlovski is a professional engineer with over 35 years of expertise in clean energy. He holds a Master of Science, Applied Physics and a Ph.D., Power Conversion degrees, and diplomas in Environmental Policy and Innovations Management. Today, Dr. Pavlovski serves as President and CEO of

Green Power Labs Inc. He is a member of Global Affairs Canada’ Cleantech Advisory Group, and an expert on International Energy Agency’s Solar Cooling and Heating Task 63: Solar Neighborhood Planning.