MR Control Systems International and Green Power Labs Collaborate to support needed change in Building Automation through IIoT

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MR Control Systems International Inc. and Green Power Labs Inc. are delighted to announce an agreement to combine their leading clean technologies to provide modern and scalable smart building automation solutions for commercial buildings. Climate science has established that buildings consume about one third of the world’s total energy use and their heating, cooling, and ventilation systems are major emitters of carbon gases. As a result, new solutions are needed to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.

These new solutions empower a highly integrated Predictive Building Control system based on the latest Industrial-Internet-of-Things (IIoT) technologies enabling Artificial Intelligence and advanced Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) capabilities for predictive energy management of buildings.
Success in building energy transition is based on real-time monitoring, intelligent data processing and automation. The optimal way to create smart, clean, and safe buildings is to combine sensor data acquisition, and intelligent energy management systems. Building operators need to know what is happening with thermal comfort and productivity of occupants, how to reduce energy waste and its costs, and how best to automate these improvements in real-time. This is where the alliance of MR Control Systems and Green Power Labs boosts building operators’ tools and skills – enabling them to achieve significant improvements in energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Through close collaboration efforts, Green Power Labs and MR Control Systems have developed a first successful pilot project at Innovacorp, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, demonstrating full integration of their technologies.

MR Control Systems is a technology company providing cutting-edge industrial-grade automation software solutions. Over the last 20 years, the company has delivered more than 300 solutions in 14 countries around the world. As an automation industry leader, the company offers a scalable platform branded Sinolta which addresses the challenges that operators face daily. Sinolta is more than a SCADA software system; it is an engine to transform raw field data to useful information for decision makers. The Sinolta platform has been able to achieve this by integrating the latest IIoT technologies with conventional SCADA systems in an integrated and modern platform.

Green Power Labs is an energy management technology provider with extensive experience in operational weather-to-energy analytics for buildings. Using IoT sensor data to optimize in real time heating, cooling and ventilation in intelligent buildings, Green Power Labs’ predictive analytics solutions enable a reduction in energy waste before it happens. The company’s software platform presents a strong combination of physical and statistical methods of diagnostics, monitoring and forecasting. Its Multivariable Data Analysis Tools for Buildings maintain, audit, analyze and visualize smart sensor data.

Collaboration between MR Control Systems and Green Power Labs, both well-known Canadian cleantech innovators, opens a door for strategic partnerships in real estate automation and control. This partnership is in-line with the recent Climate Change goals of the world’s major economies.