Harker Chairs Advisory Board of Green Power Labs Inc.

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The Board of Directors and senior management team of Green Power Labs Inc. are pleased to announce that John Harker will be taking up the role of Chair of Advisory Board at Green Power Labs with immediate effect. “Time is now of the essence for the company” said Alexandre Pavlovski, Chair of the Board and CEO of Green Power Labs. “The team has in hand valuable Patents for Canada, the United States and the European Union, with one for China (Hong Kong) imminent, and the role of leading advisors in realizing our vision is crucial.”

While many Nova Scotians are familiar with John’s strong business community leadership in the province as President of Cape Breton University and his creation of a Centre on Sustainability in Energy and the Environment, his global record in capacity building and social responsibility speak very clearly to his embrace of many diverse social issues. Clean Technology development in transition to a low carbon world is one of these issues. John served on the Executive Committee of Canada’s National Research Council and worked as Special Advisor to the post-Apartheid government of South Africa on creating a National Development Agency for that country. Currently, John serves as the Chairman of Advisory Board of the Development Corridors Partnership. Coordinated through UNEP; the DCP brings research to bear on the construction of development corridors, road and rail, in Africa and Asia to ensure that sustainable development goals are built in and environments protected.

“John clearly understands the value that Green Power Labs’ intellectual property can bring to the world” Pavlovski concluded. “With John’s help, Canada can take a lead in helping to put this IP to work, in Canada’s interest and certainly that of Humanity itself.”

Green Power Labs Inc., a clean technology developer piloting predictive energy management solutions for buildings and microgrids, has extensive experience in weather-to-energy predictive analytics and supervisory controls.