JOURNEYS TO SUCCESS: The Tom Cunningham Tribute Edition.

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In spring 2018 the editorial team of “JOURNEYS TO SUCCESS” book series invited Dr. Pavlovski, President & CEO of Green Power Labs to join its “JOURNEYS TO SUCCESS: The Tom Cunningham Tribute Edition”. The edition published in June 2018 presented eight international authors sharing their amazing stories of resilience and success. Dr. Pavlovski’s essay “Clean Electricity Forever” speaks to one of these stories.

In his essay “Clean Electricity Forever” Dr. Pavlovski addresses a principle and the motto he has been committed to in his professional career and his work at Green Power Labs.

“…The scale of clean electricity started growing by early 2000-s, moving the market and defining the limits and implications related to access to this electricity in the current grids. A critical next step in removing these limits had a name: Predictive Energy Management (PEM).Green Power Labs had a vision for clean electricity chain where PEM would be a chief “dispatcher”. This chain started with clean electricity generation plants like solar or wind plants, proceeded with utilities’ transmission and distribution grids and ended at electricity consumption in commercial buildings and residential houses. PEM for this chain seemed to us an efficient “agent”, and it had its “clients”: Smart Power Plants, Smart Grids, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities. In the thinking of market and industry leaders, the Smart Energy concept was growing, and PEM was in the core of it. And – it had two steps: Predictive Analytics (Information Technology – from planning to operations) and Predictive Controls (Operational Technology – in operations only).”


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