Canadian Financing Forum invites Green Power Labs to present

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Green Power Labs was pleased to present its predictive energy management technology to potential investors at the Canadian Financing Forum in Vancouver in early February 2017. The two day event provided delegates with the opportunity to hear from key players from some of the most active venture funds as well as Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) representatives from Western Digital, Bosch, Dow, Siemens and Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)

“We were pleased to presenting with leading western based companies in the information and sustainable technology space” said Marlene Moore, VP Marketing at Green Power Labs Inc.  “Our conversations focused on our predictive building control technology which achieved energy savings in range of 19-40% for commercial office space.  For more information on predictive analytics and controls contact Aaron Caldwell, P.Eng. at

Green Power Labs is a leading developer and service provider for predictive energy management solutions, with over 13 years of operational experience.  Predictive energy management encompasses predictive analytics—providing critical weather and energy data for building and grid operations in real time—and predictive controls—using this data to optimize building and grid performance, reducing energy use, costs, and carbon footprint.