Chamber Presents Green Power Labs with Gold for Innovation

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At its 2015 Business Award Gala, the Halifax Chamber of Commerce presented the GOLD Award for Innovation to Green Power Labs for its leading work in predictive analytics and controls supporting cleaner, efficient energy management.

“Since 2004, Green Power Labs has provided predictive analytics solutions to enable integration of utility and rooftop solar power plants into the grid. Our clients rely on our solutions during the planning, deployment and operational phases of their energy projects to maximize their investments in a cleaner energy future”, said Marlene Moore, VP Marketing. “Over the past 12 we expanded our world class capacity in high resolution predictive analytics for the grid market into energy management solutions for the building market” Moore added. “Buildings consume 40% of the world’s energy. Based on initial results, we anticipate building owners will be saving up to 18% through use of Green Power Labs predictive controls solution.”

Green Power Labs is a leading predictive analytics company and an internationally recognized solar forecast expert. Using predictive analytics to forecast the sun’s immense capacity as a power generation resource and its passive heat impact on our living spaces is the niche in which the company has developed a world class reputation.

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