Efficiency One Awards Green Power Labs Innovation Award for EntroPBC

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Efficiency One awarded Green Power Labs’ its 2017 Innovation Award for the company’s EntroPBC™ technology.   “Even as the digital world evolves, we still live, work, and play in buildings. In commercial buildings especially, the well-being and comfort of occupants is key to productivity and tenant satisfaction. Delivering an optimal indoor environment with minimal energy consumption sustains a best-value business model for building owners and managers,” commented Dr. Alexandre Pavlovski, P Eng, President and CEO of Green Power Labs Inc.

Aaron Caldwell, P Eng, Vice President Buildings (second from left) who accepted the award with Dr. Pavlovski added ” predictive energy management improves the energy efficiency of buildings by anticipating and reacting to changing weather and solar irradiance conditions in real time. Because weather and the consequent heating/cooling loads can vary significantly throughout the day, the impact of intelligent prediction is significant.”  Pavlovski commented that company’s Predictive Building Control platform, EntroPBC™, typically reduces HVAC energy costs an average of 10% to 25% while improving tenant thermal comfort and shrinking the building’s carbon footprint.  Caldwell concluded “whether you’re managing a single building or a global enterprise real estate portfolio, EntroPBC™ works with your existing building management system to to reduce total energy costs by up to 40%. ”  For more information on EntroPBC™ download our service sheet and contact information.