EU PVSEC Invites Green Power Labs to Present

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With 1,500 presentations from 71 countries, the 29th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) takes place in September in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Green Power Labs’ is pleased to have been selected to present on its work in Distributed PV Power Generation Forecasting for Distribution Management.

“The team at Green Power Labs is pleased to have co-authored this paper with Dallas Cormier, P.Eng of San Diego Gas and Electric. Currently, circuits in the SDG&E distribution grid feature, in many cases, over 10% and up to 40% DG-PV penetration, and the overall level of penetration on the grid is only expected to increase” said Dr. Alexandre Pavlovski, President and CEO of Green Power Labs. He added “existing distribution management systems are unable to capture the effects of these DG-PV assets on the grid which limits the ability to effectively control operating conditions in the distribution grid.”

Based on its existing SolarSatDataTM technology platform for PV generation forecasting at the utility-scale level, Green Power Labs developed a new methodology and technology for high “electrical” resolution forecasting of distributed PV generation at the service transformer level to be integrated into any utility’s distribution management system. “My colleague, Chris Carter, will be presenting in more detail on this work at the 2014 EU Conference’ Pavlovski said. “We look forward to discussions at the EU Conference; we will also be presenting at the CIGRE Conference in Toronto, Canada and the 4th International Workshop on Integration of Solar Power into Power Systems in Berlin Germany later this year.”

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