Green Power Labs Visits UK to Present Its Solutions for the Grid of the Future

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Recently over 40 Canadian and UK companies met in London at the Power Forward Challenge. “The agenda was to explore clean innovation partnerships to advance clean energy and energy efficiency innovations focused on expanding the grid’s capacity to integrate renewable energy, support increasing demands at the grid edge, and increase the reliability of our electricity grids” said Dr. Alexandre Pavlovski, President and CEO of Green Power Labs Inc. He added, “the team at Green Power Labs was intrigued by the challenge. Our predictive energy technology is pivotal in one the Challenge’s primary objectives: to aggregate and manage increasingly large and complex groups of distributed energy resources to support grid flexibility, stability and reliability. The discussions in the UK were far reaching and we look forward to working with our UK counterparts in building solutions for the grid of the future.”

In October 2018 Canada and U.K. Launched $20-Million Transatlantic Challenge to Develop the Smart Energy Systems of the Future. The Power Forward Challenge responds to the ever-growing need for smart energy systems that can integrate renewable energy and support increasing demands on our electricity grids — driving electric vehicles, relying on smart devices, using energy storage systems — while helping mitigate the effects of unexpected outages caused by weather events or otherwise. The Power Forward Challenge is the third of five clean technology challenges under Natural Resources Canada’s Cleantech Impact program, part of Impact Canada. It is part of our government’s commitment to deliver meaningful results for Canadians through measurable economic, environmental and social outcomes. Cleantech Impact will invest $75 million over four years in the five challenges.