Green Power Labs Signs Agreement with Leading Solar Industry Group in China

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At the recent annual meeting of the Zhongguancun Optoelectronics Industry Association (ZPIA) a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement was signed with Green Power Labs Inc. “Based on shared vision of the future of solar asset deployment in China, we are honored these solar leaders who are among the first batch of social organization pilot reform units to carry out the work of solar photovoltaic power development in China have chosen to form a long-term strategic partnership for mutual support and common development with our company” said Marlene Moore, Vice President Marketing at Green Power Labs.  “Together ZPIA and Green Power Labs will deliver predictive analytics solutions to industry members from initial solar project siting through the deployment and operation of solar generation assets to enable optimum generation from solar power assets,” Moore added.

Green Power Labs is a leading predictive analytics company and an internationally recognized solar forecast expert. Using predictive analytics to forecast the sun’s immense capacity as a power generation resource and its passive heat impact on our living spaces is the niche in which the company has developed a world class reputation.